Who We Are

We offer a complete valve automation solution
by the applications experience and customization capability

Welcome to Hearken Actuators and Controls. The Trusted Passionate and focused Partner in Valve Automation for 12 years !

Why we call our brand as Hearken Because of we take pride in listening to our customers and learning about their Needs and problems in order to provide the best possible valve automation solutions.

We are growing our brand in Pneumatic Actuators, Electric Actuators, and Actuated Valves. Valve Control Device. An I S O 9 0 0 1 certified company. Our Valve Actuators Has Applied for S I L 3 Certificate, A T E X Certificate, C E Certification, Explosion-proof Certificate, IP68 Weather proof etc.... Hearken Flow is committed to meeting requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to design, manufacture and integrate superior products to better serve our customers’ demands and provide the valve automation solutions over the world.,

Our Vision

Our Vision is to built A strong Reputation in Providing Quality, Cost Effective , Reliable And Robust Performance Solutions for Valve Automation, Include Pneumatic Actuators, Electric Actuators, Actuated Valves and Valve Control Device


As a Manufacturer, We offer a complete valve automation solution by the applications experience and customization capability, with an experienced support team to guide you in selection, installation, and project support. In addition we maintain an extensive supply of product inventory on hand so that we can quickly fulfill orders and reduce wait times. Our sales and support staff are readily available and accessible so that customers get the answers they need quickly. We are here to be of service to you in any way possible! Thank you!

The Advantages from Us

If your are the valve actuator manufacturer same like us,
if your have the same feelings that running a factory is not so easy somehow,
But after we developed the good system of management and production lines,
Everything is going in the best direction and smoothly.

Reliable and Safety

Designing and manufacturing high quality, reliable and safety pneumatic actuators and electric actuators.

Wide Range of Accessories

We are not only produce quantities of valve actuator but also provide the actuator accessories, Such as pneumatic electric positioner, pneumatic pneumatic positioner, limit switchbox, namur solenoid valve, air regulator etc….

Strict Quality Control

From design, production and testing, all the components of each pneumatic actuator and electric actuator that will be produced by our own which for easy control the quality matters. our inspector will control of each production phase as well.

International Standard

Each valve actuator will be tested in the quality room according to the international standard before being sold and distributed.

Used in Many Industry

Hearken actuators can be safely used in many industry sectors. Such as Oil and Gas, SDV and HIPPS valves, Pipelines, Chemicals and petrochemicals, Offshore platforms, Ships and vessels, Water Plants, paper plants etc….

Assistance and after-sales support

We offer complete valve automation processing and we also dedicate to find the cost-effective solution to get desirable finishing for your valve actuators. The guarantee of our actuators are 18 months and technical support for whole life.

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What We Do

In addition to making process valves,we also provide ODM, OEM, Testing, Logistic service

ODM, OEM Services

Product Support

Hearken service to design, research, OEM, ODM , manufacturing , development and sale high quality pneumatic actuators and electric actuators that respond to customer demands and requirements. And we also offers customized products.
We have efficient and expert team for R&D and sales team Which means that your will receive the complete and best solutions and low cost for your valve automation application.
We prepared the selection table for every of our valve actuators which helped our clients to selected the correct models easily and makes the communication much more efficiency.
The user instruction manuals, certifications of products and repair kits will ship along with the client’s orders .

Testing Services

Assistance And After Sales Service Support

All of our actuators are carry with the standard warranties for 18 months and give technical support to our clinets in commitment during the guarantee period.
We are there for our clients after sales of our valve actuator and our service people will give response with 24 hours if Any failure on our supplied products.
We act ourselves as a client, to understanding whenever they need us to give the assistance to make sure their works will never stop due to the faulty products. That’s why we called ourselves ‘’Hearken’’ means here we can. Our responsibilities to make sure our actuator and valve are perfect match to the applications.


HEARKEN Mission is to design, manufacture and integrate superior products to better serve our customers’ demands and provide the valve automation solutions over the world.,

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In addition to making process valves,we also provide valves casting and overhaul service